Canlar Fruit Covid-19 Precautions

Canlar Fruit Covid-19 Precautions

When it comes to the fresh fruit and vegetable business, product safety and cleanness was already critically important. With the effect of Covid-19, companies took even more precautions.

As Canlar Fruit, in the early stages of the pandemic, we prepared our warehouse to keep Covid-19 away from our products, workers, and customers. With our "Covid-19 Action Plan" on, we are glad to say we didn't have any case since the beginning.

To make this possible, we prepared instructions and procedures to follow for our crew.

  1. At the beginning of the season, we start with quarantining all of our crew after they been tested negative for Covid-19.
  2. We prepared an isolation area in case of a positive case later on.
  3. Since the quarantine began, we didn't allow anyone in our border unless they had to come in for critical business reasons.
  4. Everyone who needs to enter the facilities tested with IgG IgM Rapid Test -Approved by the Ministry of Health- at our border's entrance by our Security/Health team.
  5. Anyone who is tested positive for Covid-19 wasn't allowed to get in.
  6. We made the Covid-19 tests for our workers periodically with the quick test kits mentioned above.
  7. There has been more than three in-service training about keeping social distance in the workplace and making sure about cleanness.
  8. We re-design our workplace, accommodations, and social recreations to apply social distance.
  9. To several spots on our warehouse -including the entrances- we build Sanitary Stations.
  10. We minimized human contact on our products.

These precautions up and running at the moment; we are looking for more effective ways to ensure product safety. To improve our knowledge on this issue, we follow the World Health Organization, advisors, and government agencies.

We hope that we will soon overcome these difficulties and get back to our normal lives. Until then, we can say that "Your health is safe with us."