Our expectations about the 2021 cherry season are at Fresh Plaza

Check out the article about Canlar Fruit and our 2021 Cherry Season expectations in Fresh Plaza!

Canlar Fruit 2021 Season Investments

As we move forward to the 2021 season passionately, we have vast and useful investments in our facilities and technologies that we use.

Canlar Fruit Covid-19 Precautions

As the Covid-19 crisis continues worldwide, the fresh fruit and vegetable business got affected as well. It pushed companies to take robust measures to prevent any health problems in their organizations.

2020-2021 Pomegranate Season


As Canlar Fruit, we have started to the 2020-2021 pomegranate season in the previous days.

Are you ready for the new cherry season?


According to our experience if it isn’t any bad wheather conditions, we will start to export Napoleon variety 21 week.

Canlar Pomegranate Season


Canlar Domestic and Foreign Trade Limited Company started the 2018-2019 pomegranate season. Our pomegranates, which we produce only to our own farmers with organic drugs, are sold with the slogan ‘’zero pesticides’’.