Canlar Fruit 2021 Season Investments

Canlar Fruit 2021 Season Investments

First of all, we are pleased to increase our cherry processing quality and capacity and be the owner of Unitec Cherry Vision 3.0!

With our investments for the 2021 cherry season, we are upgrading our machine from Cherry Vision 2.0 to Cherry Vision 3.0. As a result, we increase our hourly cherry processing capacity significantly. With Cherry Vision 3.0, we expect to increase our cherry quality by around 20%. With this development, we are proud to serve our customers and consumers better.

On the other hand, Canlar Fruit Denizli Branch has been in service for more than the last ten year with its 6000m² of closed area and 3000 tons of storage capacity. It had one of the most critical duties in our job. Most of our operations have been handled here. But in these ten years, our brand and business kept growing with our reach around the world.

For this reason, we have started a new project to make our capacity higher and more efficient. Our Canlar Cold Storage Facility will expand its borders with this project with a 2500m² closed area, four new cold storage, cherry processing area for Cherry Vision 3.0, loading jacks, and a new office complex.

We are going to continue to inform you about our process about our investments. Until then, we wish you healthy and happy times.