2020-2021 Pomegranate Season

In recent years pomegranate has become increasingly popular and even started to be named as "Superfood." With Covid-19 promoting healthy nutrition understanding among people, pomegranate has become even more important. Rising demand worldwide, challenging working conditions caused by the pandemic, declining numbers of workers, and rising costs have led to increases in pomegranate prices in contrast to recent years.

Parallel with this rising popularity, the produce of pomegranates has increased too. However, this year with the effect of the fewer fruits on the trees tells us that the crops will be less than in recent years. But we foresee that the quality and sizes will be excellent.

As the season has just begun, and because of the entry of Peruvian and Indian pomegranates into the European and Russian markets, which started in the same period along with Turkish pomegranates, has not yet reached a standard in prices. In the following days, we expect prices to fall a little more and find the average point.

This season, as in the past years, Canlar Cold Storage Depot in Denizli/Turkey will serve our customers until the end of March by supplying our pomegranates from all around Turkey with its closed area of 6000m2 and a storage capacity of 3000 tons.